All Zero G frames are warrantied for a period of 1 year from the purchase date against all manufacturing defects as determined by our technical services department. In the event of a manufacturing defect, the frame or corresponding defective part will be replaced at no cost, excluding ophthalmic lenses which shall not be replaced under any circumstances. Original dated sales receipt is required for warranty service.

  • Warranty does not guarantee credit.
  • All manufacturing defects are subject to thorough inspection by our technical services department.
  • Warranty does not cover scratches, chips, cracks made with tools, dropped/sat-on/stepped-on frames, misuse or abuse.
  • Warranty does not cover scratched or chipped sunglass lenses.
  • Does not cover over or improper adjustments, lens fitting discrepancies, lenses cut too big causing gap in eye wire or use of non-recommended lens material made by lab or optical lab techs. It is understood that the Account inspects frame/lens delivered by lab and does not accept defective lab work. Acceptance of faulty work voids any potential credit/refund request. It is agreed that the Account or Lab is held accountable for cost of defective part and/or whole frame. 
  • Warranty does not cover stretching of the eye wire forcing hinge to become out of alignment. 
  • Credit is issued ONLY for the corresponding defective part in the event of a manufacturing defect. It is not recommended to order whole frame as replacement rather than the specific part as credit is NOT guaranteed for part or whole frame. Ophthalmic lenses shall not be replaced under any circumstances. Credit memo issued within 30-45 days of date item is received at Zero G.
  • Account must be current.
  • Credit denied if item(s) returned is(are) damaged due to improper packing.
  • Return Authorization is valid for 30 days from date of issue. Contact your representative or Zero G office for new authorization if expired.


An additional 1 year warranty (total of 2 years) is available by registering your Zero G frame within 30 days of purchase by completing the below WARRANTY REGISTRATION FORM.


Zero G warranty claims are accepted via EMAIL ONLY by clicking on the SUBMIT A WARRANTY CLAIM button below. The following information is REQUIRED:

  • Name
  • Purchase Date
  • Store Where Zero G Frame Was Purchased
  • Frame Model & Color (in small writing on inside of bridge & temple)
  • Description of problem (please provide as much detail as possible)


Submitting a warranty claim does not guarantee warranty service. Zero G reviews every warranty claim submission and will contact the submitting party with instructions for obtaining warranty service or to request additional case information.